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Welcome to our Mill!
We have a mission to bring green sustainable building materials to Costa Rica.

Our green sustainable buildings materials are the same price or less than conventional materials and they last for a lifetime.  M.A.E. offers treated bamboo for timber framing new or remodeled homes, as well as cob/adobe bricks and wall panels.  BambooCrete is another foundation material created by using the excess bamboo scraps that come from our bamboo furniture, bamboo gazebos, bamboo cabinas, and prefabricated bamboo homes.

Nuestros materiales verdes de edificios sostenibles tienen el mismo precio o menos que los materiales convencionales y duran similar. M.A.E. ofrece bambú tratado para la madera que enmarca casas nuevas o remodeladas, así como ladrillos de adobe y paneles de pared. BambooCrete es otro material de la fundación creado por el uso del exceso de afeitado de bambú que vienen de nuestros muebles de bambú, gazebos de bambú, cabinas de bambú, y casas prefabricadas de bambú.

Treated Bamboo

¢1,000and up

Our #1 product that you can use today for building is treated bamboo.  Available in all sizes from .5 inch to 6 inches wide.  We offer standard bamboo lengths of 4, 5, or 6 meters in length, but we can provide custom lengths upon request.  There are many specialty types of bamboo, and many believe that Guadua and Asper are the very best for building structures.  Both Guadua and Asper are green while growing, but turn yellow after the chlorophyll coating wears off.  We treat the bamboo with a 100% all natural salt solution, which washes out the sugary starches from the bamboo, making it a viable bug-proof building material.  Next we coat the bamboo with a natural oil that offers sun protection and enhances the natural look of the bamboo.

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Bamboo Gazebos


Perched along Costa Rican oceans views, lie plantels of land just waiting for one of our artful bamboo gazebos.  Sunsets will never be sweeter than when you enjoy it with your loved ones from the comfort of an all natural organic bamboo gazebo.

Try one in your botanical gardens as well, and allow flowing vines of dragon flower and passion flowers to connect the gazebo with the beauty of your garden.  Contact us for pricing and our catalog of options that you can have shipped  to and built on site at your home or property in Costa Rica.  Come on out to our Mill in Naranjito, Costa Rica to visit our showroom and see them for yourself.!

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