Hear From The Owner About Why He Started M.A.E. & Why This Company Is Important to Global Sustainable Building Evolution.

Hello, I’m Michael Pope, and that is my dog Ceiba there with me in the picture.  She has all the looks in the family.  Let me begin by telling you how grateful I am to be in front of you through this webpage, talking about something I truly care about.  One of the slides on the home page says “Be the change you want to see in the world.”  This is a well quoted motivational point for those of us looking to leave the world better off than how we found it.  Generally, what defines it being better off goes back to childhood memories or vacations you have taken.  Times when you have gotten out into the world.  We know that as the world expands and we use more plastic goods, the more these beautiful places and memories will fill with pollution of various types.  That change that I speak of most right now is the waste from modern day consumerism and how we can do so much better with biodegradable regenerative products.  How we can live wonderful and abundant lives without overusing our finite resources or creating waste from that lifestyle.

Our Mission:

The core of our mission is to prove that we can reverse the effects of carbon emissions by developing durable natural building materials , but that are biodegradable, recyclable, or regenerative in nature.   We began with Bamboo, and we have many articles on the subject of the benefits of Bamboo, so I won’t cover that here.  Next, we will perfect our mixtures for various BambooCrete projects, and the future of M.A.E. will be in natural resin Bamboo composites for building or creating anything the mind may imagine.  Having the ability to create sustainable natural products that are equal in quality to conventional materials and competitively priced is not a hope for the future.  It is an ability that is well within our grasp right here and now in Costa Rica and we want your support; and your business if you so choose.

For some years, I was going about the process of moving towards sustainable building in the opposite direction.  I have worked with many community leaders to build sustainable communities. I came to learn there was a small flaw in our planning process. People would begin by collecting a community of people, then trying to get land, and then try to figure out how to build all these sustainable building once they are there.  This was a wonderful intention, but I realized that we must reverse our process.

This is the point:

To begin the movement towards sustainable building, we must provide the people with the building materials.  These materials take time and proper treatment techniques to prepare.  There is a passion & a craftsmanship that goes into milling 100% green sustainable materials.  They must compete with conventional materials that are based on petroleum byproducts, which honestly gives them an advantage.  How we combat this advantage is by making more sense and costing the same amount of money.  Most environmentally conscience people would agree, if you can have all that you want at the prices you deserve, yet at the same time, help reverse the effects of climate change, then why wouldn’t you take that option?  That option is us, at Materiales Ambientales Ecologicos, and we are ready to do business with you.

This is where we began!

Our facility is the best location we could have ever hoped to find here in Costa Rica.  With over 2,300 mts sq. of roof covered space located close to the biological corridor in Costa Rica, our Bamboo mill is a great space for creating sustainable building products.  We have a whole article being written about the upgrades since the photo you see here, so please keep an eye on our News section to get regular updates on our progress, events, and projects.  


There is a largely unfilled demand for sustainable products internationally, and we have see a way to begin production of these products in a costly friendly way.  By servicing the demand of our local markets, we will grow to be able to export sustainable building materials all around the world.  We intended to do this by creating a global network of locally sourced bamboo treatment facilities and other green sustainable building materials mills.  This allows us to avoid the negative global impact of fossil fuel transportation yet still allow us to reach an international client base.  Connect to our network today by contact us today!

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