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///Flowers & Ornamentals
  • Lavender

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    Lavender is one of the most amazing plants we sell.  It has amazing medicinal properties and it is a joy to have in the garden.  It makes for a great companion plant to help ward off insects.  Let's look at some of the well known benefits of Lavender:
    Settle upset stomach
    Lavender contains polyphenols. If you chew on the leaves or make a tea you can ease gas, bloating, and eliminate cramping.
    Reduces blood pressure
    By lowering your blood pressure, Lavender also lowers the risk of heart attack or stroke by easing pressure on the blood vessels.  Ancient Asian blood pressure treatments regularly include this biennial flower.
    Stimulates hair growth
    By steeping the flowers of Lavender you can create a wonderful tea-like solution that can be used like a shampoo in your hair.  This stimulate hair follicles and hair growth.
    Heals cuts and scrapes
    Crushing the leaves and putting it on a cut can heal the injury faster.  It can also help prevent infections from forming around the wound.  Children react much better to getting their cuts treated when it is flowers and leaves.  Use the leaves and flowers to make a fresh paste and place it on the injury.
    Stress reduction and anxiety relief
    From insomnia to just decompressing after a long day, Lavender is famous for it's soothing properties.   Beginners who are just learning the techniques to meditation.
  • Lemon Balm

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    Lemon Balm is a pleasant scented herb that is sometimes confused with Bee Balm.  It is a great food or drink flavoring, and has been known to have healing properties.  A common healing tincture is made from a blend of Lemon Balm and Motherwort to create a wonderful calming effect from anxiety.

    Lemon Balm as a companion plant

    Do you want bees in your garden?  Of course you do, we all do!  The flowers are great bee buddies, and certainly can help draw in more pollinators into your home garden.  When growing this herb, do be sure to find a place with some shade, especially during the midday.  They can be burned from the sun.  Plants grown in the shade will be more productive and taste better.
    It helps ease the itch from mosquito bites!
    That's right folks, the remedy, you or your loved ones have been looking for.  To ease the itch of mosquitoes bites, just rub fresh lemon balm over the area of the bite.  The itch will subside quickly.

    How to make a Anti-viral Tincture

    Fill a jar up 75% with leaves and add a basic alcohol higher than 80 proof.  Make sure the cap is not made of metal and cap it and store it for 4-6 weeks.  Shake it once a week during the curing process.  Strain out the leaves and you will have a stomach soothing tincture that can last up to a year.  Take a half teaspoon on those days you aren't feeling your best.  
  • Borage

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    Borage is a multi-purpose annual that grows brilliantly blue flowers throughout the year.  Leaves can be used in salads, and companion planters love to have borage near there tomato plants, as it is known to discourage the tomato horn worm.  The essential oil derived from Borage seeds is a well known medical treatment for skin issues like eczema, seborrheic dermatitis, and neurodermatitis.  Borage is also used to increase breast milk production and bronchitis treatments.
    Tips for growing Borage and its uses
  • Once best known for its edible roots, Evening Primrose is a medicinal green with may uses.  The flowers, leaves, bark, seeds, and roots all have various uses from cooking to healing illness.  High in GLA, Evening Primrose and the oils in its seeds are used to prevent hardening arteries Eczema, cirrhosis.  It also treats Menopause, PMS, and high blood pressure.  There are many other benefits being researched currently.
    Tips for growing Evening Primrose
  • Ginger

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